Sunday, 29 May 2011

A special poem for you ♥

. A special love  poem for you .

Sweetheart ,

At times I can't find word enough ,
to express how deeply I feel for you ,

But I want you to know that you hold a special 
place in my heart ,

And with every passing day ,

I'm falling
more and more in love with you !
Hubby ! 
I meet love with you my dear !
mohd faiz nazmi .
Two soul with but a single thought ,
two hearts that beat as one .

♥ you for giving me your heart to me 
and trusting me with your pride ,

Thanks for your inviting me to 
be your's .

Translation , I'm sitting here and writting . Writting poems about you .
I'm writting them for you but most of all for me to escape my feer
that I might forget you . Cause I don't want to forget you , cause I ♥ you ,
cause I miss you so much by .
That i can't bear it without a way to express myself .
So i'm writting poems that tell all the things that I couldn't tell you .
Hopefully you can feel that i feels now . 

                                                                                     03:06 a.m / monday .

♥ you forever !

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